Rates & Terms

Rates & Terms

LDM IS Your Executive Assistant Buy the Hour!

A FREE consultation is offered to every client, and services are customized to specific needs.  LDM Executive Services are billed by the hour. Once we determine your needs, I will provide you with a proposal for your approval, via signature, outlining services and hours needed for completion.  Work will not begin without your approval of the proposal.  Any additional fees or extended work hours will be presented for your approval prior to being implemented.


My standard basic rate is $40 per hour.

Due to the variety of services offered and customization to your needs, a mutually agreed upon rate can be negotiated during our initial free consultation.  A package rate with a retainer fee can be offered, should you be interested in contracting services on a monthly basis.

Rush Rate: $45 per hour

Same Day Rate: $50 per hour

Additional: postage, printing, special outside services, and/or special materials needed for projects.  (i.e.: rentals, purchases, software, specialty papers, zip drives, CD/DVD’s, etc.)

Holiday Help Packages are available as well.


For hourly services, invoices will be included with completed work.  Payment is due within 5 (five) business days of receipt of invoice. Made payable to: LDM Executive Services, LLC.

For work contracted on a monthly basis, a retainer fee of 50% is due at the beginning of each month to begin work.  The balance due will be invoiced with the completed work and is be due within 5 (five) business days of receipt.

Late or NSF Fees:  A $25 dollar late fee will be added to invoices rendered past due after 15 days of receipt of invoice.  Any checks returned due to insufficient funds will incur a $25 handling fee.

Payment Methods

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